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Development process

Every software development life cycle

should start with a detailed plan and a transparent process in place. If you’re looking for a software development partner but hesitating about the development process steps, we’ve got you fully covered. We have years of experience in creating business development plans and we’ll be happy to create the one that will perfectly suit your needs. Our new development process involves the entire 6 step design process, including the MVP software development. Let’s dive deeper into all the development process steps we’ll make while collaborating with you.

#1 What will we do for you? – Our process for implementing ideas will ensure that you don’t feel their complexity

At any stage of our development processwe make sure you feel taken care of.

Each of our clients is the most important one for us. The first phase is implementing and diversifying your idea. During the first step in the new development process, you have a chance to tell us about your ideas and concepts. It doesn’t matter if you have a very detailed plan or just some notes and the general concept, we’ll do whatever it takes to start the idea implementation process. The estimation process starts with filling out the brief – you describe your idea so

that we can find out how we can help your business. Once we get the brief, we send you an introduction email and book a discovery call to say hello and direct you through the process. During the first calls and meetings (in-person or virtual), the main purpose is to talk about your project – in order to create the best solution, we need to understand your business goals and objectives. Understanding the client’s business makes a huge difference in any software project. Our team (developers, project managers, and designers) need to have a really good grasp on what the idea behind the project is or what kind of issues it solves.

Such an exchange of perspectives can help to discover how to turn the concept into a product using technical solutions.

Within the entire 6 step design process, this one strongly depends on open communication. It has a profound impact on breaking down information silos between the client, operations teams, and developers. Our development process is collaborative and based on trust and transparency. Therefore, both the client and the team members can easily contribute their insights and ideas.

#2 A customized offer designed just for you


Who is supposed to use the app / software we are about to build?


Is any integration with APIs or other tools needed?


What problems does the solution solve?


What is the expected data output by the software?


What type of data should be added to the solution?


How should security and privacy be handled?

The answers are required to create a general outline.

Once we analyze the information we’ve gathered we can proceed to in-depth market analysis to do research on both your potential users and competitors. Business development plans at this stage also include understanding the technical requirements – it’s crucial for testing terms and deciding on the technology stack.

At BrainForge IT, we understand that every piece of software needs to solve a customer problem so, during this stage, we work on a solution that will provide value to both you and your customers. We also carry out a feasibility analysis to show how to make your software profitable in the long run. Then, we are ready to create a detailed, customized offer with a clear estimate of the time we need to complete the project and the resources we need to involve.

#3 Your opinion counts most – your business development plan

The important analyses are done,

time to set an action plan! We have extensive experience in designing and implementing IT solutions (including MVP software) so we know well how to clearly define milestones. Once we get approval from you, we divide the entire project into stages with deadlines and prices for each of them. The plan approaches your project individually, so you have the last word on each element of the plan. If any adjustments are needed, we’ve got you covered with our consulting services.

During the planning phase, we align on how the project connects to the company’s mission and goals and analyze resource availability and allocation. We schedule a project and create a detailed estimation of costs. All to ensure the project is starting off on the right foot.

The main components incorporated into our action plan are:


Project setup.




Research and concept.


User testing.




Marketing campaign.




Product support.

Such a detailed plan helps us provide the highest quality and minimize the risk of errors and failures. At the end of the planning phase, you receive a ready-to-kick-off plan with enough information to put together a high-level scope of work. Again, during this phase, you are the VIP – your opinion, needs, and requirements count most.

#4 We tailor solutions to your real needs


In the 6 step design process, step no. 4 is our team working on your project. Once the action plan is reviewed with you, we can start immediately. Even if this step is mostly on us, all the time you are kept up-to-date with all developments. We put constant support and conversation first at any stage of implementing ideas. Our work on the project includes the following elements:

Research and concept

we choose the best technologies and frameworks so that your application or website runs smoothly and efficiently.


we prepare drafts in accordance with the definition of an overall system in software architecture. This phase mostly focuses on creating the architecture (a kind of the blueprint for the development team), prototype (the first version of the software built to validate its look and flow of design elements), and user experience design. When we say design, we especially mean functionality, not aesthetics.


this step is executed by our developers. They do their magic to bring the concept into reality. Our team works hard to achieve developer velocity while ensuring quality delivery. The development process is comprehensive and smooth.

Testing and Quality Assurance

once the code is ready, it’s shared with the testing team for review. Our testers and QAs work together to test and report bugs and errors. They run both manual and automated tests if needed. In consequence, delivery of the software is mistake-free, and you get the best available solution.


during this phase of the new development process, we consult your team on how to choose the right path for your product. We also advise on the best tools.

Go-to-market strategy

if needed, we can also provide you with some training in the field of marketing. We’ll help you create the best go-to-market strategy and assist you in kicking it off.

#5 We offer you time-saving solutions - MVP software development

Designing and building an MVP

is one of the most important development process steps. It is created to launch a product quickly, with a small budget, based on an established idea. Creating an MPV is a great way to find the right audience and save time. It’s finding the right balance between what your company is offering to customers and what customers actually need. At BrainForge IT, we make sure your MVP software is perfectly optimized for early adopters to receive critical feedback. Then, we can keep maximizing the software’s effectiveness. If done well, the MVP software development will help you:


Build the core of your product, perfect for testing and with minimal risk.


Allow market validation – you will verify whether your product is right for the target market.


Early test opportunities without investing the entire production budget.


Test UX and usability of the product by gathering data and insights on how users interact with the product and based on this, identify opportunities to expand functionalities.


Test business concepts and verify if the product concept resonates with who you believe to be your target audience.


Save time and money on developing the product – the software is launched faster, and you can start improving it quicker.


Tailor product functionality to suit users more.


Develop a monetization strategy – e.g. when your monetization strategy is centered around in-app purchases, you can use MVP to test it and verify users willingness to pay for upgrades and add-ons available within the application.

#6 We are with you – support your business

We are a full-service software development solutions partner.

We support our clients throughout all the development process steps and our work on the project doesn’t end on the day of implementation. After the product is released, we maintain it and implement updates from a business point of view. The requirements and needs of our customers are always evolving. They request new features and ask for more or different functionality. We are always ready to flow back into your product backlog of task lists. We carry out both corrective (improving the performance by removing the bugs)

and perfective maintenance (updating software to accommodate new requirements).

So, are you ready to commercialize your concepts? We’ll take a tailor-made approach to ensure your individual needs are addressed. From web and mobile applications to dedicated websites and online stores, we’re ready to deliver the perfect solution you need. You’re just one click away from developing your idea to the fullest!

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