Minimum viable product

Have an idea for an app? Let’s build an MVP and test it!


Building an MVP means both testing an idea and saving time and money. If you’re developing your app, an MVP may be a make or break for it. Let us show you how to go through the ideation phase, concept testing and building your app’s features to see if your audience will like it!

What is MVP development


An MVP (minimal viable product) is a product with the least, vital features that target a particular user problem using the minimum resources. MVP development is a great way for startups to engage the first users and understand the audience’s needs.


MVP is great proof that for mobile products, more features don’t equal higher value. You can create and launch a very initial version of your product that lacks all the bells and whistles but still solves a crucial user issue. Let’s dive deeper into MVP’s three ideas:

  1. Minimum

means that you save your resources (money and time).

  1. Viable

means that the product has basic functionality so it’s ready to be launched to attract early adopters.

  1. Product

a solution to problems your potential customers struggle with.

As you can see, a minimum viable product is a strategically basic version of your application that only includes the fundamental components and features. It can be released to a small group of targeted users so that you can gather necessary feedback. You can also try the app on your real users to see if it solves the problems it is supposed to. MVP software development can be crucial especially if your digital product offers something new or groundbreaking.


Purpose of a minimum viable product


Starting a new business or creating a new digital product? That sounds like a great idea! However, a brand-new app may be a risky investment. Creating a new application from scratch may be a serious challenge.


Applications aren’t cheap to build and maintain – this takes time and skills. This is where MVP development comes in… Adopting MVP development services is a wise, test-based idea that allows startups to save money and receive valuable feedback on the solution. The main purposes of app development MVP are:


Verification if your idea is compelling

MVP software development is a way to check whether your app will attract any customers. You can verify who to market the full product to – you build a better understanding of your target audience and market and learn what the key motivational drivers are.

Checking the marketability

MVP app development is a chance to make your ethereal idea into a successful business with material benefits.

Lowering the overall development time

MVP development services usually mean efficiency, both in terms of time allocated and resources spent for the initial build. The faster you get the full product on the market, the more money it can possibly bring to you.

Choosing the right features

MVP development for startups means collecting much information to analyze and, in consequence, launching the product better. You learn how to create processes and approach them right to minimize the risk of failure.

Early feedback

from your target audience.

So, what is the final purpose of MVP development? Summing up, it is launching a valuable product quickly, with a small budget. It implies finding the right balance between what you are offering to users and what users actually need. You test the hypothesis that your digital product will solve a user problem. Who else did that?


  • Facebook – their MVP kicked in full force so that they could add features that eventually led to the app’s worldwide success.


  • Spotify – an MVP, Spotify AB, helped music lovers stream songs online. They expanded to become the success they are today.


  • Instagram – thanks to the data collected from the initial MVP they added the right features to give users the unique value proposition.


What determines the MVP approach?


MVP app development approach is based on the premise that you can provide sufficient customer value by delivering minimal functionalities that early adopters will use. MVP development approach uses various methods of gathering customer feedback, including A/B testing, open beta programs, focus groups testing, survey testing, or win-loss analysis.


According to the MVP approach, you don’t need to address every problem at once. You just solve the most important issues and then collect customer feedback. All the time, you maximize your learning and, at the same time, minimize the development costs. Adapting the MVP approach means following 3 steps:

Step 1.

Review product requirements that are prioritized. Define the minimum level of functionality you can deliver.

Step 2.

Build the solution and validate it thoroughly.

Step 3.

Review the requirements again and then repeat the process, depending on what you want to be the MVP deliverable.


Why you should create MVP


The first step to start creating an MVP is user story mapping. It’s a way of visualizing a complete system and all the actions that take place in the system. It helps the team refine the idea and test it before the development phase starts. Here is why an MVP app development is essential in building a successful digital product:

Reason 1.

You minimize the risk which means higher Return on Investment – thanks to the MVP development services you can estimate the risk. Thus, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions regarding investing in an application. MVP development is an amazing opportunity to verify what to expect when your app goes live. It helps you guarantee some success before you even spend money on marketing.

Reason 2.

You allow early business testing – you can easily test the vital features of your application before it’s fully launched on the market. Right after this test, you can implement changes and modifications according to the user responses. You get an idea of what your final product will look like or work in the future and at the same time, reduce the number of costly modifications after the final product is launched.

Reason 3.

You can make the final product perfect – when you create an MVP, you can tell where your app features lack and where improvements are needed. Thus, you can work on your final product so that it’s nothing but perfect. This improves user satisfaction and ROI.

Reason 4.

It makes it easier to gather funds for your project – as you already know what to expect from the final app, you can predict the future ROI based on the app’s potential. When you have such estimations, it is much easier to receive external funds for the app’s final development.

Reason 5.

You answer real users’ preferences – MVP allows you to assess if your product is appealing to real people. You can implement improvements based on user feedback so that you create a product users will love. At the same time, you avoid misreading market demand and just adapt it on the go. Assessing user preferences may be crucial long before the final launch.

The MVP process explained


MVP software development is essential in ensuring that the final result is more than fit for purpose. This is how the process of MVP development at BrainForgeIT looks:

  1. We examine your app idea. In a perfect scenario, you deliver a detailed list of essential things that your app will be solving. During this step, we also define the general target audience, key motivational drivers, and market needs. We also evaluate the competitors and characterize the user flow with your help.


  1. We start a series of workshops to explain the MVP app development process to you. We use the story mapping technique co create a perfect story map – all the user stories are supposed to be arranged in functional groups. Together with you, we go through the entire user journey to get to know the user and the processes well.


  1. We list down all the crucial features that correspond to the user profile – the most significant activities your clients need to achieve, as well as different components you would like to offer. We also feature road mapping and choose a technology stack to make our MVP development services comprehensive.


  1. We work on general UI/UX and, if needed, wireframing.


  1. We develop an MVP based on feedback and learning so far. We create a product with just enough features to gather feedback.


  1. We measure and learn to verify the MVP performance evaluations. We continuously work on further iterations to make our app development MVP outstanding.


Of course, the number of app development MVP steps and their duration will vary, depending on your project. See how the collaboration with us usually looks.

What makes BrainForgeIT the right company for your MVP development?

We have almost 10 years of experience in app development.

We have created dozens of mobile and desktop applications and business applications, so we know what we’re doing. We make sure you’re in good hands – we’re professionals with extensive collective experience in designing and implementing MVPs.

We have gained practical knowledge in multiple industries.

ealthcare, IT, finances, banking, sustainability, crypto, gaming, e-commerce, retail, and more – we offer comprehensive services for both startups and enterprise-scale companies.

We have all needed roles onboard

– not only do we focus on coding, but we also have experienced designers and project managers ready to create your first MVP. We believe in complex MVP development services – from the very first concept until the final delivery, we have got you covered! Before we even start developing your product, we strongly focus on user research and testing. We go through the entire user journey and use story mapping to arrange user stories. This allows us to create a more holistic view of the product and create a useful model for understanding the functionality of the system.

We’re agile

– we provide you with tailor-made solutions without overpaying. We are flexible, even when your first project changes on the go.

We’re customer-focused

– we believe in a long-term business relationship. Each customer is of the utmost importance to us. We provide transparent terms, as well as open and honest feedback throughout the entire process.

We provide great support

– our team is always ready to provide you with unparalleled support, no matter the stage of our collaboration. You’re assigned a dedicated project manager who will make communication even easier.

Benefits of MVP development


MVP development is the ultimate investment, no matter if you’re a startup or a large company.

MVP tests the main idea at the earliest stage

you’ll check if the users will really find your product fantastic. You’ll build a better understanding of the market and finally validate your concept / idea.

You’ll reach investors easier.

The key to accessing funds from investors is building confidence in your app and highlighting its value. You can get these points by building an MVP.

You reduce risk

when building an MVP, your cost is lower. If your product fails, you will get time to recreate it and move on to the next concept.

You will optimize development cost

building a complete app may cost you enough to make a hole in your pocket. Creating an MVP is a way to validate your idea in the market and spend fewer costs.

You start quickly

time to market is crucial. And the best way to reduce it (and start getting feedback) is MVP development.

You’ll save time

as you can determine if your efforts are getting a required response or not.

Looking for an experienced team who will create your MVP?


If you are looking for the right MVP development partner, we’re here to help. We’ll execute your idea quickly and efficiently.


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