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Every business is different. They all have their visions and their customers who have their unique needs. Your job as an eCommerce company is to deliver them the best performance and the smoothest customer experience. The Internet has unleashed a significant number of opportunities, so all companies try to adjust their services to the specific aspects. They aim at creating seamless shopping expertise and this usually works thanks to world-class eCommerce development solutions.

e-Commerce development solutions

In the highly competitive e-commerce environment, businesses usually struggle to acquire customers and keep their interests. On the other hand, users are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, when you choose the strategy for your platform delivered by an external company, you should choose the one that focuses on your business strategy and offers efficient/ stable technological tools.


When we talk about eCommerce development, customers usually have two options: finding the ready-to-use software which is quite limited, or build a custom one with us. Choosing the right option is crucial to spike your conversions, strengthen user engagement, and offer a flawless user experience.


Ready-to-use platforms are usually cheaper and require less time to launch, however, they aren’t adjusted to your needs and requirements. On the other hand, custom platforms are tailor-made to your business. They are unique and help you stand out from your competition.


At BrainForge IT, we build amazing ecommerce platforms that fully suit the needs and preferences of end-users. If you want to create a platform your customers will love, custom eCommerce software development is your first step towards creating a rapidly expanding online marketplace for your business.

e-Commerce development benefits

eCommerce development solutions offer tremendous advantages to today’s businesses. Here are the most important reasons why you should invest in custom eCommerce software development:

Reason 1.

You increase revenue and grow your business fast. A custom solution facilitates order processing. You can easily integrate any payment and shipping method. You can implement customized tools to automate internal business processes and workflows between systems. This may give you an important edge over your competitors and nurture your company’s growth.

Reason 2.

Outstanding eCommerce development platform boosts conversion rate and decreases bounce rate. Your customers can more easily find what they are looking for, reducing the buying friction.

Reason 3.

Custom eCommerce platforms improve management and increase effectiveness. It’s easier for you to manage different aspects of your business and reduce the amount of required manual work thanks to process automation.

Reason 4.

You stand out with brand identity and build up customer loyalty. Custom eCommerce software is a great way to help potential customers to distinguish your brand from the others. A customized solution guarantees that you can design your online store however you want.

Reason 5.

You have a broader reach for marketing and promotion efforts. Very often, eCommerce development agencies offer capabilities that support even the most sophisticated marketing strategies (like SEO support). This dramatically enhances marketing and promotional efforts by generating greater awareness among potential customers.

Reason 6.

Improved efficiency. Once you invest in an eCommerce web development service, you can expect a dramatic increase in productivity by eliminating the need to hand-code the website and all needed functions. Many processes are automated and site administration is simplified and streamlined.


Best platform for e-commerce development

There are many platforms that make it easy for businesses to start their eCommerce adventures. Many of them are ready to use right away once the service is purchased. They are usually relatively easy to set up and use, no matter how you plan to sell online. The most popular are BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, and Zyro.


However, none of those platforms can even be compared with a custom eCommerce solution. If you want to grow your online store, expand globally, and scale up quickly, developing a tailor-made custom solution is your way to go. With the right technology partner, you can quickly grow your market share. At BrainForge IT, we build custom websites and eCommerce processes that stretch beyond trendy design. We prioritize the highest quality, high performance, and usability.

Technologies we use to build e-shops


Technology is what drives us. We only work with the most innovative solutions to provide our customers with high-end eCommerce platforms. We create custom websites and online stores from scratch which means each element can be adjusted to your needs and preferences. We build our amazing e-shops using the following technologies:

  • Vue.js
  • React
  • node.js
  • MongoDB


Our eCommerce platforms provide an amazing user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Process of software development


Each client is the most important one to us. Therefore, the entire software development process is adjusted to your unique requirements. In most cases, the process of eCommerce software development includes the following phases:

  1. Workshop

We collect your business and functional requirements to get to know you and your business better. There are several questions to be asked at this stage. They include: who is supposed to use your software, what type of data should be added, what should be the data output by this eCommerce software, etc. Once they are answered, we create a general outline for the developer team to focus on.

  1. UX/UI

We create a dedicated layout with our UX experts. We use the design specifications for the system as the input for the next phase.

  1. Technology stack.

We pick technologies that suit your project best.

  1. Coding.

Our software developers make sure the solution includes all necessary functionalities. The process is iterative and agile. This phase is usually the longest in the entire protocol.

  1. Implementation, testing, and deployment.

Once the software is implemented, we run a series of tests to make sure your product is of the highest quality. After all variants of functional and non-functional testing, we are ready to deploy your software.

  1. Maintenance.

We don’t stop working on your software after it’s launched.

The cost of e-commerce development

It is not possible to estimate the exact cost of custom eCommerce software development before we know your requirements and budget. As we treat every customer uniquely, we don’t set average estimations before we first meet you. However, the cost of eCommerce development services can be estimated similarly to other software development projects.


The overall cost depends on the time needed to build the product and the number of developers and designers included in the project. When it comes to billing options, we are flexible – you can choose between a fixed price or time and material.

Choose the best e-commerce web development company

At BrainForge IT, we offer advanced eCommerce development services that will foster your business growth. We’ll help you build your eCommerce strategy to enter new markets and attract new audiences.


Interested? Let’s estimate your project!

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