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The life of your software doesn’t end with the launch. It has an ongoing lifecycle, and this lifecycle stops and starts whenever necessary. The process is always changing so it should be monitored and maintained properly.


Proper software maintenance management is necessary to adjust required changes within your company and keep up with changes in the IT world. Software maintenance means modifying your digital product once it is launched and deployed globally to fix bugs and improve performance. In this article, we’ll explain different types of software maintenance and maintenance software models so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Variety of software – software maintenance types

Software maintenance is the process of changing, modifying, and updating software to keep up with both customer and organization needs. It is done after the product is launched to improve the software overall, correct issues or bugs, or boost performance.


There are four software maintenance models:
  1. Corrective software maintenance.

It is what one would typically associate with maintenance of any kind. It addresses the errors and faults within software applications that could impact various parts of your software.

  1. Adaptive software maintenance.

It becomes crucial when the environment of the software changes (hardware, software dependencies, operating system, etc.). When these changes are performed, your software must adapt in order to properly meet new requirements and continue to run well.

  1. Perfective software maintenance.

It focuses on the evolution of requirements and features that exist in your system. It also includes adding features that can enhance user experience and removing features that are not effective. Perfective software maintenance aims to adjust to the user and market needs.

  1. Preventive software maintenance.

It helps to make changes and adaptations to your software so that it can work for a longer period. This may include optimizing the code and updating documentation. Preventive software maintenance means looking into the future – it may address small issues which at the given time may lack significance but may turn into larger problems in the future.

To whom is service maintenance software dedicated?

Maintenance software programs are necessary if you want your software to be upgraded and run smoothly for a long time. It is recommended for those who want to:


  • Fix bugs within the software.
  • Enhance the capability of the software – it means an improvement in features and functions to make solutions compatible with the varying market environment.
  • Remove outdated functions to make the system adaptive to cope with changing circumstances.
  • Improve performance.

Why is software maintenance necessary?


As technology is developing at the speed of light, your software should keep up with the market changes and demands. It’s not just the correction of bugs, but also improving opportunities for a changing environment. For a successful long lifespan of your software, it needs to be modified to run smoother operations. Below you will find examples of when software maintenance is so important.

#1 Work order management software

Work order management software is a database for work orders, action plans, and facilities requests. When it’s managed properly, it makes it much easier for managers to track maintenance work. It’s also convenient for employees to create and update work orders. A work order management software is a computerized maintenance management system that was designed in response to the need for a more effective facility management strategy. It’s widely used in manufacturing and housing. Very often, contractors use it similarly to how they may use a personal website. A factory may use such software to categorize and schedule maintenance tasks for equipment.

#2 Access to archived asset

There are multiple benefits or archiving data. You have a smaller size of the database which leads to faster backups, and better overall performance. Thanks to proper maintenance software, maintaining data in the right way doesn’t have to be a complex process. When you are looking for the right software to access the archived data and manage your data archiving you should consider its integrity (assuring that the accuracy and consistency of data are retained), control (the software should provide a multitude of configuration options), deduplication options, and maintenance reports available.

#3 Inventory management software

It is a software platform that helps companies manage their maintenance, repair, and operations inventory. It makes it much easier for technicians to find necessary parts and reduce wasteful spending. A proper inventory management software helps you purchase, organize, and track usage of a variety of inventory including rotating assets, parts for repair or replacement, tools for maintenance work, etc. A very good example of maintenance inventory systems are MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) and CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). Using such systems increases the level of customer service and reduces inventory loss.

#4 Efficiently handle maintenance reports

Tracking progress and performance is essential if you want your business to succeed. And a great way to stay up to date with such data is to prepare regular reports. The right maintenance software enables you to keep track of your maintenance processes and operations, just like you track assets’ location and activity. You can easily access parameters like an asset’s runtime to empower your decision-making processes.

#5 Planned preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance lays the foundation for successful facility management. It keeps equipment and assets running efficiently and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. Most preventive maintenance software provides the user with the scheduling maintenance option, which is extremely useful, especially in complex organizations.

How much does software maintenance cost?


The cost of maintenance software depends on multiple factors. Also, costs vary depending on the specific situation. The older your software, the more maintenance will usually cost. This is because technologies and coding languages change over time. At BrainForge IT, we do whatever it takes to optimize all maintenance costs so that your software maintenance contract is satisfying to both sides.


So, let’s estimate your project!

Software maintenance best practices


There are many service and maintenance strategies but at BrainForge IT, we have developed our own guidelines to make the most out of software maintenance for our customers.

Unified organizational culture

It entails the company’s values, way of thinking, perception, behavior, and the underlying assumptions that guide the company’s daily maintenance actions. Unified organizational culture can be built by onboarding the right professionals, investing in training and people management, as well as optimizing the internal resources and scheduling. The best way to measure the maintenance department is by developing and tracking relevant maintenance KPIs.

Unwavering principles and a set plan of action

The point of a maintenance action plan is to move from situation A to situation B. To maintain your software in the right way, you need a plan that will set the guidelines on how and when to complete each action, as well as how to monitor the actions. Planning is at the heart of maintenance software tools and the perfect plan allows you to maintain your assets while controlling time and costs efficiently.

Cost consciousness and constant research of new systems

Finally, you should never stop upgrading your maintenance processes. If you want to stay competitive, you should give all your strengths to prepare the system for the future. This will help you avoid costly fixes and corrections.

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