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Did you know that the average rate of uninstalls on Day 0 of installing an app is 40%? And the next 30% of users uninstall an app within just a couple of days? When you add the fact that nearly 70% of customers say that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer, you clearly see that well-thought UI UX design is of crucial importance. Customer-centricity has played center stage since digitalisation started. UX UI design maximizes customer lifecycle value and creates a meaningful user experience.


Let’s explain how we deal with UX and UI design at BrainForge IT.

What is UI UX design all about?

UI stands for User Interface. It deals with traditional concepts like visual design elements (typography, colors, etc.). It is the process of improving the overall presentation of websites and apps and their interactivity.


UX stands for User Experience. It has to do more with functionality – the more convenient and intuitive experience, the better would be the UX. UX is a series of procedures that aim to improve the overall experience of users when they interact with websites, apps, and other software solutions. The main focus is to structure all components and adapt them properly to create a user flow.


When implementing UI/UX designs for our clients, we consider five essential elements:

IA (Information architecture)

we provide users with easy navigation, regardless of the browser they are using.

Interaction design

we choose the best colors for each particular case, fonts, sounds, icons, graphics, and other elements that create a stunning display of information.


we provide users with the information they want when using our software.


we test your software solution before the launch. During tests, we check the look, usability, and other features.

Visual design

we make sure that your new software fits your brand. Visual design can affect users’ behavior and the general appearance impacts their activity.

Customer-centric UI/UX design

Each software, no matter if it’s a website or app, needs a design that works. You need the UI/UX design service if:

You want to

enhance customer satisfaction to improve ROI – engaging content and easy navigation make customers satisfied with website design UX/UI. If they become returning buyers, they increase your ROI.

You want to

meet the needs of your audience better.

You want to

build your brand – people like working with brands that make them happy.

You want to

save money and avoid frequent upgrades and developing updates.


Why is UI/UX design so important?

Very often, the rejection or the selection of an app is strongly related to the way its interface looks. UX/UI design is a significant factor in determining the success of a website or application (both web and mobile). Since the world has become more and more digital, users would rather operate on platforms that have a good appearance and are easy to interact with.


If your website or app is too complex or challenging, there is a risk of pushing away online traffic. The easier it is for users to understand your software, the better the results of your business in terms of achieving goals. You can easily boost your future growth with the right UI/UX in place, without expanding your budget.


Investing in UX UI design is a long-term business strategy to determine customers to interact more with the products you offer. The primary goal of any business is to grow and generate profit and UX UI design plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Benefits of professional UI/UX design

Benefit 1.

It fosters conversions and ROI. Professional UX and UI design delivers rich functionality which results in people loving to use the product. When your potential customer has to choose among many similar products, user-friendliness is often a decisive factor. Positive UX is thus related to your business goals.

Benefit 2.

UX/UI design boosts customer experience in your digital product. And what is more important than making users happy?

Benefit 3.

It helps you save money in the long term. Businesses that invest in the UX process usually prevent possible usability issues or problems from the start. This is much cheaper than fixing issues later with product redesigns or glitch fixes. Allocating the proper resources during the UX research phase of development can help you save much money later.

Benefit 4.

It improves the reputation of your brand. First impressions are usually design-related. If users come back for more, it means that you have managed to capture and accommodate their needs. Also, if your UX/UI design is good, you have the opportunity to quickly gain customer trust.

Benefit 5.

As the customer experience is much better. It increases customer loyalty. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to make your product so appealing that customers don’t consider going to your competitors. Good UX design builds engagement.

What makes a good UX designer?


It’s not easy to become a good UX/UI designer. This is what makes a really good one:

They know

the key UX/UI principles, as well as design methods and processes. The most important rule is user-centricity. A good designer understands who their target users are, finds out what they need, and then comes up with a user-friendly, technically-feasible solution.

They structure

your learning with a credible UX UI design course. Some of them start from an introductory design course and then progress into a UI/UX boot camp focused on portfolio building and career preparedness. Many high-end UI agencies hire the best alumni directly from Arts Universities.

They practice

as much as they can. They give themselves a real advantage by doing as much extra-curricular design work as possible.

They network

with other designers, both aspiring and established, to build an industry network.

They take

part in industry events and always keep learning.

Best UX UI design tools

Good UI/UX design is essential to creating a delightful user experience. However, to make it possible, you need the right tools. Depending on the project, we use the following software to make the software look stunning:

  • Figma empowers fast design and prototyping and a smooth, collaborative workflow.
  • Sketch for drawing, wireframing, prototyping, and design handoff.
  • Adobe XD for collaborative design and prototyping.
  • Useberry - a testing feedback tool and a prototype analytics platform.


Do you want to build a perfect app your users will love? Let’s estimate your project!

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