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Need a custom web application that will be fully functional, scalable, intuitive, and appealing to your users? You’ve come to the right place. We are a web application development company, an experienced team of web developers for whom building amazing applications is daily bread.


From ideation to implementation and maintenance, we’ll help you attract and convert your users more effectively than ever before. Ready to get to know our web app development services?

Custom web application development offerings

Each customer is the most important to us. Therefore, each application we build is fully unique so that it suits your needs and requirements as well as possible. Our web development services include custom web application development listed below:

PWA development

Progressive Web Apps have been a fairly recent trend in web app development. They use responsive design approaches to behave and function similarly to native apps. They also take advantage of enhanced web technologies, which result in reduced server response time and improved loading speed. According to App Institute, PWA apps are 15 x faster to load and install. A PWA is a great way to obtain the freedom to design top-notch customer experiences for your mobile app. Also, PWA development is much simpler and cheaper than building native applications. Of course, PWA for mobile isn’t suitable for all projects. At BrainForge IT, we’ll help you choose the model that will suit your project best.

Microservices integration & infrastructure

Microservices architecture is an approach in which a single web app is composed of many independent deployable services that share responsibility. According to the IBM Report, 87% of microservices users (the survey included over 1,200 developers and IT executives) agreed that microservices adoption is worth the effort and expense. The services are independent and deployable, so it’s easy to add new features on the go. The services can be individually scaled (load balancing) so that you can increase availability and speed up the application. Building and releasing microservices requires an automated CI/CD process. Summing up, microservice architecture provides you with flexibility on how services can be realized.

Cloud-native web applications

If you want to succeed in fast-paced markets, you have to improve the way you design and build your applications. This is where we can help. Our web development services include the most innovative approach to building applications – cloud-native development. We build and update apps quickly, while at the same time, improving quality and reducing risk. Cloud-native apps built by BrainForge IT are fully responsive, scalable, and fault-tolerant.

The big data processing functionality

Big data is a way to process the large volume of a wide variety of data in many environments at great velocity. Big data processing functionality is a way to improve operations of the app and, in consequence, increase revenue and profits. We work with big data databases, making it possible to ingest and store large amounts of various data rapidly. Thus, we can address a variety of business activities, from customer experience to analytics.

App design

Most research confirms that when it comes to web & mobile app development, UI/ UX design is crucial. Professional app design may significantly affect the app’s user journey. How it looks and moves is critical to how a user feels when interfacing it. At BrainForge IT, we make mobile & web apps look appealing and feel professional. We build great UI designs that help our customers reach large audiences and convert their audiences.

How do we develop web apps?

Collaboration with BrainForge IT is as effective and pleasant as possible. While developing your web application, we follow a 6-step app development process:


  1. We start with a kick-off workshop to get to know you and your ideas. During the workshop, we gather requirements, discuss the user journey, and do story mapping. The planning phase ends with cost estimation and a roadmap for your project.


  1. We define the target audience for your web app based on how the understanding of the market needs it.


  1. Product design – during this phase, our app designers set product design and functionalities based on the data gathered during the workshop and research.


  1. Development – we write the code using stable, conscientiously selected, and advanced technology.


  1. Testing – we plan and conduct manual and automated tests.


  1. Deployment and maintenance – this is where your idea is finally brought to life.



All six steps strongly depend on open communication and customer feedback. You can count on agile collaboration!


Industries we serve


software for managing orders and customers, marketing tools, and cross-platform applications for e-commerce.


lifestyle apps that accelerate or support the customers’ individual facets that define their lifestyles.

Media and entertainment

app design services that help companies boost their networking.

Benefits of working with BrainForge IT

We offer tailor-made services from cross-platform applications to web apps and complex and custom online shops. Our customers love the BrainForge IT team because:

We put quality first

every day, we aim to exceed industry standards.

We are agile

we have flexible solutions that can change if needed.

We are proactive

we propose new features and improvements to make your idea even more stunning.

We are professional and accurate

when it comes to planning and managing web app development processes.

We offer

cost-effective services.

Clients’ needs

are our priority.

Portfolio of web applications

We specialize in software development projects for startups and S&M businesses. No matter if you need a website or a complex online store, our web developers have got you covered. If you want to know more, see all our services.

Below, you will also find the portfolio of our selected web apps.


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