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The global economy has been rapidly developing in the last few years. More and more companies need professional software solutions that are fully customized to their needs and requirements. At BrainForge IT, we cover the needs of a wide variety of sectors. As an innovative IT company, we have extensive experience in developing tailor-made fintech software, e-commerce software solutions, and services created for the sharing economy.

For financial software development, choose a reliable partner

Fintech software development services have been designed for companies that need to streamline their financial management processes and increase financial data visibility, accuracy, and security. Fintech software solutions usually include:

Online banking services

banking platforms and web applications, mobile applications, and online banking security solutions.

Digital wallets

and digital money transfers that allow financial institutions to cater to modern customers’ demands.


and cryptocurrencies that help institutions increase security, automate operations, and reduce transaction fee costs.

Trading solutions

for mobile stock trading and blockchain-based smart contracts.

Insurance services

calculating online insurance premiums based on customer parameters and managing a system of leads is the basis of modern insurance market operations


include tax planning, asset protection, succession planning and family management, structuring and estate planning.

We provide comprehensive services for finance-based companies and institutions. We have extensive experience in creating digital platforms, websites, and applications including banking software, trading platforms, high-frequency trading solutions, loan management systems, as well as sales and marketing automationplatforms for the financial sector. We’ll be happy to establish a long-term collaboration with brokers, crypto-traders, international payment providers, and neobanks.

Why hire a financial software development company?

Developing customized fintech software allows you to incorporate automation. Your team will spend less time on mundane tasks, and you will be able to free them up to make a meaningful contribution. On top of that:


Manages orders and customers – from first selection to payment and delivery. The software helps you manage orders, checks order status, handles payment processing, manages customer information, and creates billings.


Manages products and inventory by cataloging items.


Simplifies marketing e.g. thanks to built-in SEO – you can easily add product and category descriptions that will help you improve your website ranking in Google.


Enhances customer experience.


Why invest in e-commerce software development?

Customized, dedicated online stores have plenty of benefits for your business. With ready-to-use, dedicated e-commerce software, you can quickly start your online store. It is always open, and you can sell to anyone, anywhere. You save money, time, and resources – operating an online store is less costly than running a brick-and-mortar store. A dedicated solution is much better than platforms like WordPress or Shopify. Why?

You don’t have to

have any technical knowledge to use the platform – you collaborate with experienced developers who build a tailor-made platform just for you.

You don’t have to

source things like web hosting- we’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to

pay extra transaction fees (like when you use Shopify.

You can change

the app is a great example of using a pre-made app. It is divided into two separate applications – customer-facing (50 million downloads) and merchant-facing (500 thousand downloads). Groupon used Flutter app builder as they didn’t want to write a new app from scratch. Instead, they integrated Flutter with an existing solution which turned out to be a success.

You are provided

with a platform that perfectly suits your needs + professional training.

As you can see, professional e-commerce software development services allow you to sell as many products as you like, providing easy online payment and shipping. Finally, you can provide your customers with high-quality online service. If you decide to try a dedicated, cross-platform application for your e-commerce business, you can even integrate the advantages of web applications and improve on them and deliver an even better customer experience.

That’s what we know, too – software development for media and entertainment

At BrainForge IT, we help companies boost their social networking (we create comprehensive platforms for media and entertainment companies – mobile and web apps with top-notch UX and UI design), system performance (we migrate systems and upgrade technologies), and multimedia streaming.

We deliver tech-savvy solutions tailor-made to media agencies and studios that want to stay ahead of the competition. If your goal is to improve your digital assets’ profitability, digitize your media and entertainment business, increase campaign conversion, and monetize entertainment solutions, we are here for you.

On top of that, we’ll help you track viewer analytics and data to fully transform your business and, if needed, build a dedicated system for you to manage the company resources.

For financial software development, choose a reliable partner

Customized software development

is a great way to embrace the power of technology to boost the performance of media operators or open up new channels. You can revolutionize user experience and personalize data with advanced analytics. Finally, software development services include marketing and analytics – we offer powerful tools based on API to promote your business online.

Why invest in e-commerce software development?

Do you need customized software for your business? We’ll be happy to discuss your concept, no matter the industry your business operates in. Estimate your project.

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