React JS

React JS

Fast and effective software development requires choosing the right technology stack. React is one of the most often chosen libraries for building user interfaces for websites and applications. Once it was created by Facebook in 2013, it set a new precedent for developing fast and dynamic applications. Since then, React services are on a roll and the trend doesn’t seem to end soon. The library is free and open-source and for most developers, it is a must in any tech stack. React is used by many industry leaders like Netflix, Twitter, and Airbnb. For us, website and application development with React is a great choice from a business standpoint.

Why should you use React? Let’s start with a quick explanation of why to use React in your software development process.

React is currently the most popular JavaScript library and here is why:

Reason 1

React has a large and robust development community of developers who develop new solutions and tools regularly. Thus, you can easily reach out to React experts who will help you solve any problem.

Reason 2

React provides developers with efficient debugging and error-checking. This is mainly thanks to the unidirectional data binding which provides you with higher control over the data access of components.

Reason 3

It is SEO friendly. It reduces the load time of websites which helps businesses to load on the top spot on Google’s Search Engine Result Page.

Reason 4

Just like Vue.js, React offers independent, reusable components (bits of code). You can reuse them in different parts of your application. As a result, you can reduce development effort while still maintaining flawless performance.

Reason 5

Similarly to Vue,js, it offers virtual DOMs (Document Object Models). They represent HTML and XML code into trees. They allow all modifications to be tested first for calculating risks. This increases app performance and builds a better user experience.

Reason 6

You can easily create React projects with React CLI (create-react-app CLI). It’s a built-in feature that enables developers to take control over the management of the project locally. Create-react-app CLI allows you to both create and run applications. A new project can be created using simply one command.

React community

In the world of software development, one of the crucial things is choosing the right libraries and tools. If a chosen technology is used by a lot of developers, your development process will for sure speed up. And React boasts a large developer community - according to Statista, it’s the second most popular web framework among developers in 2022 (42,62% of developers use it). Therefore, developers are encouraged to connect with other professionals every time they face difficulties during the software development process.

React JS showcase

What is React used for?

React development services have dominated the landscape of web and mobile development. It is used in a lot of different projects because the library is a very versatile tool. It works for bigger projects with various frameworks. At BrainForge IT, we use React in the following situations:

  • When we develop interactive single-page applications. React website development is perfect to build scalable web applications.
  • For building large media sites.
  • When we create web and mobile applications that share code.

React developer tools


CLI that speeds up React development.


helps developers build light and fast applications and websites.


a JS testing framework to test React components.


a JS container that holds an app’s state in a store that allows components to access and use it.


used to build fast applications and improve SEO ranking.

Differences between React.js and other frameworks

React.js is a powerful library to create outstanding websites and applications. It is often compared with Vue and Angular.

React vs Vue.JS

The main difference between them is that React is a library, whereas Vue is a framework. An important distinction is also how they approach app design. React focuses on creating reusable components and Vue.JS provides developers with front-end tools. React uses JSX as a component format and Vue uses SFC (Single File Components) to build different components. Vue.JS is two-way binding and React.JS is one-way binding which means that Vue.JS uses more computer resources than React. Finally, both React and Vue work efficiently with the DOM which provides the impressive speed and performance of the application.

React vs Angular

As already mentioned, React is a library concerned with UI components. On the other hand, Angular is a full-fledged framework that provides a strong opinion on how your app should be designed. In React, UI elements cannot affect component states (one-way binding) and in Angular, when you modify the UI input, the model state will change. React uses virtual DOM and Angular - incremental DOM (every time a new DOM is created, it compares to the previous one and applies the differences to the actual DOM). The introduction of virtual DOM has significantly improved React’s performance which makes it perform a bit better than Angular.

Our React services

At BrainForge IT, we offer the following React development services:

  • Software development from start to go. This includes both React website development and React application development. Our apps are lightweight, fast, and have an amazing, responsive design that will enhance your users’ engagement.
  • Building Minimum Viable Products to help businesses test their products with the lowest expenditure and gather user feedback for further improvements.
  • React migration. We help companies adopt React functionalities and wrap the code of your existing architecture into React components.
  • A dedicated React development team that will perfectly fit your needs at scale.
  • We also cover your needs in the field of React maintenance and support.
React JS showcase

Process of software development with React

Everything starts with your idea. This is the very first point of our collaboration. Then, we will take you through the following steps:

  • We organize a professional workshop to get to know you and your vision. You don’t have to come to us with a fully developed plan – we are an experienced React development company that will work alongside you to bring your idea from the initial phase of ideation to implementation and maintenance.
  • Once we know your needs, we create a tailor-made offer. It’s fully adjusted to the needs and requirements of your project. We make sure our offer is competitive.
  • After we get your approval, time to set an action plan. We incorporate all activities that are necessary to build your stunning software. The plan is comprehensive, but at the same time, it’s clear and concise.
  • We start building your product. At any stage of the process, you are fully informed of what is going on. We do detailed research and choose the best tools and technologies for your project. Our UX/UI designers work on the amazing design and perfect usability of your software. Then, our developers jump in with their React development skills.
  • If needed, we build an MVP to maximize the product’s effectiveness.
  • Even after your product is launched, we support your business and its development.

The cost of React development

It is impossible to estimate the exact cost before we get to know your needs and vision. The cost of React development services can vary depending on many factors, especially the time that is needed to build your software, as well as the number of people involved in the project. The complexity of your app and UX/UI design also play an important role.

If you want to receive more accurate information, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to estimate your project.

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