Choosing a technology stack is crucial if you want to enable easier and faster development of your software. The right framework can significantly reduce the cost of web or mobile app development without compromising on quality either. For most companies, JavaScript frameworks are the answer to this need because they enable developers to build UIs fast and maintain good performance. One of the most popular frameworks is Vue.JS which allows us to create modern, nimble applications without using a lot of resources. Why is Vue.JS the perfect framework to build feature-rich, stunning apps? Let’s find out!

What are Vue.JS development services all about?

Vue.JS development services

Vue.JS is a modern JS framework for building user interfaces and single-page apps. This open-source framework was released in 2014 and designed by Evan You who wanted to extract the bits and pieces he had liked from Angular.JS and create an entirely new but notably lightweight framework. Vue.JS is designed to be incrementally adoptable. Its core library is focused on the view layer only. It makes the framework more than capable of powering sophisticated single-page applications with the help of innovative tools. Vue.JS provides useful facilities for progressive enhancement. You can use it to enhance existing HTML which makes the framework possible to use as a drop-in replacement for a library like jQuery.

The framework is developed and financed solely from donations by users via Patreon. It is mainly used to build UIs and single-page apps, and it can be applied to both desktop and mobile app development. Vue.JS uses traditional Model View Controller and MVC architecture. It’s flexible enough to operate easily with Component Based Architecture (CBA) just like in React.

Our Vue.JS development services include:

  • Building web and mobile applications that are tailor-made for clients’ unique needs.
  • Creating seamless and dynamic single-page applications for businesses of all sizes.
  • Web development of different complexity.
  • Vue.JS migration to enhance existing apps.
  • Support, maintenance, and upgrade.

Benefits of Vue.JS development

Vue.JS makes it easy to scale up your app in any direction without too much effort. The project can be started quickly thanks to the framework’s rich ecosystem. Also, Vue.JS is easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects. Here is what else you’ll get when you start building your app with Vue.JS.

The program easy to learn

For experienced developers, Vue.JS is easy to pick up. It is more flexible than Angular as you can smoothly choose and add libraries for the project. The framework is sometimes called ‘incrementally adoptable’ which means it’s designed from the ground up. It’s quick and easy to get started and then, get complex when required. Also, the framework has an easy learning curve so it’s relatively simple to maintain the Vue.js project.


Vue.JS offers the Vue CLI – a system created and supported by the Vue Core Team. It allows developers to reduce the time that is needed for the initial setup of the project. The latest version of Vue CLI provides a completely innovative experience because you can generate a project using a set of queries regarding what is required by the project. It enables you to create an app framework within a short period. Another thing is that extra features can be quickly added using plug-ins once they are needed.

Open-source community

As Vue.JS is an open-source framework, all functions are readily accessible. You can easily name the function as you like. Every segment can have separate functions, so it is possible to customize the app according to your individual requirements. The design offers fewer restrictions and greater flexibility to complete the project. Also, the Vue.JS community has been rapidly growing and it’s supportive and dedicated. According to GitHub, there are now over 132,000 GitHub users who use Vue.JS. Therefore, most queries to the official platform are resolved in a matter of hours, the same goes for GitHub issues.

Cultivates the best features of the frameworks

Vue.JS is the best of both worlds – Angular and React. It learns from them and takes their best features while discarding the not-so-good ones at the same time. The framework was intended to fix Angular deficiencies; however, it now combines the most significant parts of both frameworks in reality. On top of that, Vue.JS is now considered to be amongst the fastest frameworks which have ever been developed.

MVVM architecture

MVVM (Model-view-viewmodel) is a famous software architectural pattern that facilitates the separation of the development of the GUI (graphical user interface) from the development of the application logic. When we discuss the Vue.JS benefits, it is impossible not to refer to the architecture as MVVM is excellent for enhancing the UI experience. It simplifies UI event-driven programming which, in consequence, improves system performance. As the UI is separated from the app logic, a need for app redesign when the UI gets outdated is eliminated. Instead, a developer just plugs in the desired template to the app and keeps it running.

Vue.JS showcase

Differences between Vue.JS and other frameworks for web applications

At BrainForge IT, we often use Vue.JS because there are some problems we think it solves much better than other frameworks available out there. However, if you want to know the differences between Vue.JS, Angular, and React, here is a handy guide!

Vue.JS vs React

One of the most important differences is that Vue.JS is a framework, whereas React.JS is a library. Vue.JS is two-way binding and React.JS is one-way binding. It means that Vue.JS uses more computer resources than React. It is also easier to learn, and it enables developers to build applications in a shorter time duration than React.JS. Vue.JS comes with a plugin system, built-in directives, transitions, etc. Same as React, there are various companion libraries to choose from (such as Vue CLI, Vuex, and the Vue-router). React.JS allows DOM manipulation, component architecture, and state management. Finally, React.JS promotes the functional programming style, while in Vue.JS, the state is represented in the data object. The mutation of the state object triggers re-rendering. For now, React.JS has gained more popularity than Vue.JS, mainly because it was created earlier than Vue.JS.

Vue.JS vs Angular

There are many similarities between these two frameworks and Vue.JS is believed to be a child of Angular. Vue.JS is a smaller, lightweight version of Angular that uses third-party elements and applications to integrate multiple features and functionalities. It is easier to learn, use, and navigate. Angular uses the MVC framework and Vue.JS – MVVM framework. It is easier to handle HTML blocks with the MVVM model, and testing units is also more convenient and simpler. Although both frameworks are fast, Vue.JS tends to perform better in memory allocation. It is less bulky than Angular. When it comes to popularity, Angular has massive community support that has been growing for ages. Vue.JS has become famous fast but still, it has a smaller market compared with Angular.

4 most useful Vue.JS devtools

At BrainForge IT, we use a wide range of Vue.JS devtools that make app development easier and more effective. We especially appreciate the following:

  • The already-mentioned Vue CLI.
  • Vuex for excellent state management.
  • Nuxt for the server-side rendering.
  • Bootstrap-Vue to speed up the development process.
Vue.JS showcase

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