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BrainForge team embarked on a new project to develop the Movie Gate app, a cutting-edge platform for interactive exhibit exploration. The app serves as a virtual guide to movie props and costumes, as well as a slideshow of photos and costumes from iconic Hollywood productions. The museum is located in a shelter, which gives visitors an unforgettable experience while admiring the exhibits.


Users navigate an immersive interface designed to resemble a historic haven as they explore curated exhibits from Hollywood's hottest productions. The app includes detailed descriptions, photos and videos of the artifacts, offering historical context and cinematic relevance. The Movie Gate app offers an immersive mix of history, entertainment and interactive learning to enhance the museum visitor experience.

MovieGate app showcase

Development process

Designers meticulously crafted an intuitive user interface. Developers skillfully integrated code scanning, a Directus-based database, multimedia content, and offline capabilities.


UI/UX design - Designers create wireframes and mockups of the app's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). They focus on making the app intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, considering the different screens such as the main screen, exhibit details, QR code scanning interface, and more. The application is fully adapted to the client's needs. We took advantage of the client's graphical resources and proposed a dark mode, because there is little light in the shelter.


Multimedia content integration - We are focus on integrating multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio files into the app. They ensure that these assets are properly linked to each exhibit and can be accessed seamlessly by users.In addition, due to coverage problems, we have created an application that works fully offline.


Feedback - Based on QA feedback and usability testing, the development team makes necessary improvements and refinements to the app. This process helps enhance the app's performance and user experience.

Our team met the client's requirements by adapting the application to his individual needs, and museum visitors can enjoy a fully functional guide to the exhibits. Of course, the BrainForge team makes every effort to constantly develop Movie Gate.


Based on the feedback from quality control and usability testing, the development team makes the necessary improvements and refinements to the application. This process helps improve app performance and user experience.

Key Features of the Mobile Application for Movie Gate

Thanks to the app developed for Movie Gate, visitors now have a refined and interactive experience. With this app, visitors can browse the exhibit and even listen to narrations about each exhibit.


Enabling offline mode ensures that users can continue to enjoy content even without a stable network connection. Privacy issues are addressed with a clear privacy policy ensuring responsible handling of user data. Overall, the app enhances the visitor experience, making their journey through the exhibits more informative and engaging.

Technology stack

Our team member familiar with Directus works on integrating the app. Directus is an open-source headless content management system (CMS) that offers a range of features and benefits for building scalable and customizable applications. They ensure that the app can retrieve and display exhibit data stored in the Directus database. This includes managing exhibit descriptions, images, videos, and audio files.


Flutter, a cross-platform development framework, was utilized to construct the mobile application, leveraging the advantages of a unified codebase that seamlessly deploys on both iOS and Android platforms. This approach optimizes cost and time efficiency by eliminating the need for separate codebases.


Flutter further enhances the development process with features like hot reload for real-time updates, native performance for smooth execution, a wide array of UI components for visually appealing interfaces, integration with native features, and an active community that offers support and resources. By harnessing these capabilities, Flutter empowers developers to create high-quality applications efficiently, ensuring a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.


In conclusion, the Movie Gate app represents a significant advancement in the way visitors engage with exhibitions and displays. By seamlessly integrating multimedia content and offline functionality, the app offers a comprehensive and immersive experience.


Users can effortlessly access detailed information, images, and even audio narrations about each exhibit, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment. The app's development is a testament to effective collaboration among designers, developers, and legal experts, resulting in a user-friendly interface and a robust privacy policy. With its innovative features and commitment to enhancing visitor experiences, the Movie Gate app successfully bridges the gap between entertainment and education in the world of exhibitions and museums.


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MovieGate app showcase

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