What can you find in the app?


It contains many innovative solutions:


  • aimed at facilitating the care of your pet
  • finding pet friendly places in your neighborhood
  • supporting charity campaigns dedicated to animals' rights


Holidays, going out to the restaurant, cafeteria, library - it might be challenging when you have a pet.


Only in Wrocław you can find more than 300 pet friendly public places. Everyday new pet friendly places join the list. 2022 statistics say that in Poland, every second family has a dog.


Sadly still some of this kind of businesses didn’t annouce it, some of them don’t have accurate advertising. The key is to know about them.


The app’s goal is to locate them for the user. Maybe it would be worth it to create an application which could put together all places with a pet friendly attitude marked on one map?

WalkieDoggie showcase

Dogs can be very busy

Dogs’ owners struggle with meeting deadlines, dates, places and data related to taking good care of their pets like:


  • veterinary visits
  • vaccinations
  • deworming
  • groomer visits
  • and more…


Often it’s difficult when beside it they have a whole set of other responsibilities; kids, homeworks, career. We all live faster and faster.

Everyday living with you dog

WalkieDoggie addresses such problems. The app makes it easier to store in one place: all relevant data, meetings, deadlines thanks to: health booklet of your dog, your dog’s calendar.

You can see all places with a pet friendly attitude on the map of your city. You can drink your favorite coffee accompanied by your dog, order delicious food for yourself and another one prepared especially for your pet!

We have been developing cooperations with Szamani and Psi Bufet. Both of our partners deal with dog menus' creation, offering a wide range of various meals for your pet.

What kind of places you can find?

  • cafeterias
  • restaurants
  • playgrounds,
  • behaviorists
  • dog hairdressers
  • groomers
  • veterinarians
  • dog hotels


All services in one app!

One of WalkieDoggie’s goals is to help

In the app, you can find the “Psia Mapa” section. We have developed it by adding a new type of places like shelters and charity organizations.

Thanks to this innovation you can help homeless animals through the WalkieDoggie app.

Download the app and make it easy!

WalkieDoggie showcase

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