Interactive Apiary Simulator



What did our client need?

The Etnopolis client needed a solution that would create science-friendly conditions to deepen knowledge about the apiary’s responsibilities. They wanted an innovative, interactive, modern, and user-friendly solution for all ages.


This is the second project we have developed in collaboration with Etnopolis! Following the success of our initial creation, the Interactive Bee Simulator, we have once again joined forces to bring an even more captivating gaming experience.

What have we done for Etnopolis?

We have created a mobile game app that is addressed to both the youngest users. The full game version takes about 30 minutes, during which time the user can look at and learn about the apiary’s functioning.


Expedition through the Etnopolis was made to show that working with insects is pleasant but also requires knowledge, commitment, and responsibility. Indication of the role of man in the process of beekeeping and what work is necessary to perform during the inspection of the hive. Players will also get acquainted with the construction of the hive, the names of beekeeping equipment, and its roles.


Missions to complete in the simulator:


Players start the review by preparing the necessary equipment for this process, when they move the cursor over an item, a short one appears information about its purpose.


Then the players go to the apiary, there is a checklist with things to do.


The last step is to close the hive by arranging the frames in the same order.


Replace the bees from the transport box to the hive.


Close the visor - end of the review.


The game ends with a short quiz about working in the apiary.

What tools did we use?

The game development process involved harnessing the power of the renowned Unity engine, a versatile and robust platform that enables the creation of immersive and interactive experiences. Leveraging the extensive features and capabilities of Unity, we crafted a captivating game that seamlessly combines gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, and user engagement.


To enhance the visual fidelity and realism of the game, we utilized Blender, a 3D modeling and animation software. Using Blender, we meticulously designed and crafted complex 3D objects, ensuring that each element of the game environment, characters, and assets were visually appealing and seamlessly integrated into the overall gameplay experience.


To ensure smooth installation and optimal performance on Android devices, both games were built in the APK (Android Package) format. This format is specifically tailored for Android operating systems, enabling users to easily download and install the games on their smartphones or tablets.

What was the final result?

  • The client received from us the full gameplay of the mobile game called Interactive Apiary Simulator mobile game, in the full language version, requiring no login or account creation.


  • The game allows you to acquire or supplement knowledge in context. At various stages of the game, the player receives a short substantive note about what task he has to perform and what it consists of.


  • The game has the option of its development, which allows the client to decide to expand it in the future.


  • The application is made for updated Android operating systems.

Are you intrigued by our project?

We are eager to discuss the possibilities and collaborate with you to create an engaging and interactive gaming solution that combines education and entertainment seamlessly.


Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information and to begin the journey towards creating a captivating educational game.

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