What did Etnopolis need?

Our client needed a solution which would expand the audience and target groups with new potential users from various age and social groups; children, their parents, teachers, elder generations. Project had to fulfill many extra conditions to become any user friendly.

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How did we solve it?

After competitive solutions analysis and the requirements presented to us the client, we developed a UI/UX model which meets the target groups requirements.


We have offered a web application which:


  • allows users to add new articles and notifications or edit someone else’s content
  • contains a quiz module created for users who would like to check their knowledge
  • has a server layout allowing photos and videos storing
  • gives the access to the content in many browser types



What tools did we use?


Tailwind CSS- smart solution (makes it much more quicker to write and maintain the code of the application)


Directus - plain choice (open-source data platform, easy to moderate and simple in updates)


NextJS - high quality (gives the best developer experience and provides high class solutions)

What was our goal?

We wanted to create a web application that will encourage adults and children to learn more about ecosystems around us and the world of insects.


The app lets its users get to know the insect world better. They can learn more about their anatomy, morphology, their life environment and nourishment. Thanks to the access to all data and most important facts about insects, users can dig deeper in topics related and broaden their knowledge about them.


The above form of presenting insects-related information is clear, understandably written and rich in all important data. Thanks to the wide range of information, users can take a closer look at relationships between different species, their specificities and life systems.

What is the final result?

The final product offered to our client was an interactive web application similar to the most popular online encyclopedias. It allowed for easy editing and was managed by administrators.


Our application was designed and customized to meet the Etnopolis's needs, providing them with the ability to edit and manage content in an easy and intuitive way. The administration of the website was simplified through the use of an intuitive administrative interface, allowing editors to focus on creating and updating content.


As a result, Etnopolis has full control over the content presented on the website and can easily make changes and ensure their quality.

What profits did our work bring?

  • Entomopolis got to the point where they can attract more users from all age groups.
  • They are owners of the condensed knowledge base understandable for anyone.
  • The visual solution makes the whole project and the company more reliable and trustworthy.


Can you relate to the above agency’s problems? Do you struggle with some of the issues described? Reach out to us, and let’s see together what we can do for you to increase your business’ profits!

Insektopedia showcase

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