Software development platforms & technologies we use

Software development is a highly dynamic field.

Businesses are constantly searching for solutions to make life easier and the right software development platforms and mobile development tools have become more important than ever. The appropriate tools can help you move your business to the next level but choosing your armory of the best technology platforms isn’t easy. Thus, it’s always the best option to trust the experts in the field – see the technologies we use to create the most feature-rich apps for your project!

Front End

JavaScript frameworks

Probably the most often chosen for front end development. The JS frameworks provide developers with the foundation necessary for building applications as they take advantage of the fact that every website and web application have common features. They serve multiple purposes – they render prewritten JS code that produces routine programming features. They make processes such as Document Object Model, routing between pages, and complex state management quick and easy. In most cases, for front-end development, we use:


perfect for building rich user interfaces, it’s an excellent library for web app development. It offers very fast rendering thanks to a virtual DOM feature. React.JS utilizes reusable elements which means that by calling from other components, you can then use each element of the interface anywhere else in the project. Also, this framework is supported by a large, active community of developers.


an efficient and flexible front end development framework for building user interfaces and single-page apps. One of the most important advantages of the framework is the small size of the application. At the same time, it offers high speed and high performance. Vue.JS is extremely flexible – it allows developers to write HTML and JavaScript templates and directly run them on different browsers.


it simplifies the development and testing apps by providing a framework for client-side MVC architectures and developing a readable and accessible environment. Applications built in Angular use TypeScript which ensures the highest level of security. All errors can be found and eliminated early in the process. Finally, the framework uses HTML to define the UI of the app which means you don’t have to spend time on program flows and deciding what loads first. Development time is short, and testing is easy.

Back End


Node.JS isn’t technically a framework, nor is it a library or a programming language. It’s a Google V8 JS runtime environment that we use to execute the JS code on the server-side. Node.JS can be used for both back end and front end. At BrainForge IT, we mostly use it to design a flexible and scalable back end. Node.JS provides a great speed in data processing, development, progression, and client-server interaction. It offers easy scalability for modern applications – it uses a non-blocking event-loop system that provides a high level of scalability which allows the server to respond to requests fast. Finally, Node.JS improves general app response time, as well as boosts its performance. This is mainly because of Node.JS’s single-threaded event-loop paradigm that guarantees a non-blocking asynchronous architecture.


Another popular programming language for back-end development. At BrainForge IT, we mainly use it for building enterprise-scale web apps and mobile development. The language is based on the Write Once Run Anywhere Principle – the code written in Java can be executed on any platform that supports Java without the need for recompilation. The language is used by such giants as Amazon or Adobe.


Mobile development


A relatively new framework created with mobile development in mind. Flutter allows developers to build iOS and Android applications with a simple codebase. It is an outstanding smartphone UI framework that enables you to smoothly develop beautiful-looking applications and accelerate the development process. Flutter is currently the most widespread framework used by developers around the world. It’s fast and reliable – it is possible to quickly view newly-added application features or bug fixes without the need to restart the application. Flutter uses Dart programming language to build native interfaces.


A front-end development user interface that was created to make both web and mobile development easier. It uses web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and Sass to develop services for both desktop and mobile applications. It can deploy across multiple technology platforms which makes it one of the most popular cross-platform technology stacks. Ionic is highly flexible – it allows developers to customize the look and feel of an app with just CSS and HTML modifications. It can build multiple apps from one codebase.

React Native

Built and supported by Facebook, React Native is one of our favorite mobile development frameworks. It facilitates the development of both iOS and Android mobile apps. React Native enables is famous for reusable components, component-based GUI creation, and interaction with third-party extensions. We use it mainly because of its exceptional performance – the framework is perfect for those who need to write once and run anywhere, without any reconfiguration. The outstanding fusion of the JS library and React’s UI paradigm makes it possible for responsive apps to interact with native APIs. React Native allows us to build exceptionally robust apps!

Database technologies

At BrainForge IT, besides front-end development and back-end development, we also provide database services. Here are database technologies we excel at:


A document database famous because of its flexibility and scalability. It stores data in JSON-like documents. This document-oriented database is mostly used for high-volume data storage. It makes it easy for developers to store both structured and unstructured data. MongoDB can easily scale both horizontally and vertically to accommodate large data loads. At BrainForge IT, we utilize MongoDB for building apps that need to evolve and scale quickly. The database enables collaboration of multiple teams. It has a large community of developers across the globe.


Probably the most popular and most often chosen database to use these days. MySQL is stable, robust, and mature which makes it perfect for web application development. It is written in C and C++ and uses a structured query language. MySQL is a highly scalable database. It can run on different technology platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. MySQL supports ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) which makes it one of the most reliable database technologies all over the world. It offers high-performance results for your project. It supports large databases (over 50 million rows in a table!).


An object-relational database management system that highlights extensibility and SQL compliance. PostgreSQL is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Unix, MacOSX, and Windows. It is used by gaming applications, database automation tools, as well as domain registrations, mainly because it enables you to handle a large volume of data. PostgreSQL is written in C. It’s highly scalable and has many predefined functions and multiple interfaces. PostgreSQL comes with a disaster recovery feature and advanced reliability.

How to choose the right technology stacks

Choosing the right technology platform for a new project may be a daunting task. To choose it, it is critical to define the project’s purposes and its key features and functionalities. To select proper technology platforms, you should define the goal that the app will serve (e.g. if you want to reach both iOS and Android users, a cross-platform application will work). Then, discuss the type of future project to create the best possible user experience. You may need some validation (testing the product) to check how it will interact with your potential users.

Don’t forget about data security and scalability (your software should be able to deal with growth spurts and seasonal fluctuations). Today’s environment is dynamic so it may be crucial to scale up or down your business soon. Focus on technology platforms that support a stable system architecture when users and traffic increase. Of course, it’s not something you should do on your own. BrainForge IT will be happy to help you choose the technology stack that suits your project best!

We understand that your app is unique and has its own requirements. Therefore, top brands choose us to run their front end, back-end, and mobile development projects. If you are looking for the right team for your project, choose the best experts in the field. We have dedicated teams for each technology, and they are real stars in their crafts.

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