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Off-the-shelf advanced CRM solution

In the fast-paced and competitive business landscape, off-the-shelf solutions have emerged as a compelling option for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions.


These ready-made products and services, designed to address common business requirements, offer a compelling alternative to custom-built solutions, promising time and cost savings without compromising on functionality.


Why is a high-quality application so crucial?


Apps play a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of customer-related information and communication between clients and business owners. They act as intermediaries, creating a digital trail of a process, ensuring that every element is accounted for and nothing is overlooked.


If you look for a solution that may give you that assurance, have a look at the below off-the-shelf option.


The whole action should happen automatically, creating offers for your customers.

How does it work?

BrainForge IT’s concept involved organizing and establishing a centralized storage system for client data, capturing and consolidating every change made by users.


Our application is an advanced CRM system, as well as a tool for tracking and managing document flow and assembly process planning. The tool allows for coordination among multiple independent entities, and the entire process is standardized and centrally established.


Recognizing the importance of effective management, we developed a comprehensive application that can be tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. The app incorporated the following essential features:


ERP integration. The application seamlessly integrated with the client's existing CRM system, allowing for a unified view of customer data, interactions, and sales pipelines.


Document flow management. Our application facilitated the creation, tracking, and management of documents throughout their lifecycle. Users could easily upload, store, and organize documents, ensuring that the right stakeholders had access to the latest versions.


Assembly process planning. This feature can be applied to numerous cases involving complex processes with multiple steps and entities. For instance, it can be utilized for tasks such as checking the condition in a building, and streamlining production scheduling in industrial settings.


Collaboration and unification. The application facilitated collaboration among multiple independent entities, ensuring smooth communication and cooperation throughout the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the above denouement you may take special care of your customers and create personalized offers automatically.


With our solution, you can say goodbye to the risk of overlooking crucial points in the process, and rest assured that you will effortlessly fulfill all formalities and legal requirements. Moreover, our comprehensive system provides you with a robust customer/building database, complete with statuses and detailed logs of specific actions and inspections.


This invaluable resource will empower you to effectively manage and track every aspect of your operations, ensuring compliance and facilitating informed decision-making.

What steps did we take to create the solution which will help your business keep its current customers and extend the audience?


  • We see ourselves as a part of the content-creation team and feel responsible for your project's implementation. This is why we offer a wide range of consulting.


  • We write the applications using the Vue framework, ensuring that the technology stack is always prepared optimally in relation to your unique needs.


  • We manage your shipping system collecting and aggregating information from multiple sources, all data is delivered to you.


  • The solution is prepared in a way that we can easily add new modules and meet any needs of your team. In accordance with agile methodologies, the application can constantly evolve and be enriched with new modules and functionalities.

The results of the above off-the-shelf solution implementation:

Thanks to this off-the-shelf solution, we provide significant growth in terms of users orders.


The benefits are undeniable. Increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and a 360-degree view of your business.

Supercharge your business with our CRM system!

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined efficiency, personalized customer experiences, and exponential growth. Contact us now and unlock your business's full potential.

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