After the prosperous release of our first endeavors: Holika and HueCalm, for My Asia A&K Beauty, we were overjoyed to be invited by the client for another partnership.


This time, the mission was to construct a website for their new brand, Moee. My Asia A&K Beauty conveyed their commitment with our prior accomplishments and trust in our proficiency to achieve exceptional outcomes for this project as well.

Moee showcase


Our objective was to create a new landing page that would address following concerns:


Create a cohesive brand message.


Highlight the brand’s unique selling points such as being organic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


Build a trustworthy and credible image for the brand.


Adapt the website to be mobile responsive and usable.

In order to develop the website for My Asia A&K Beauty’s new brand, Moee, we considered the requirements that the client had laid out. We wanted to ensure that we provided a solution that met all of the client's needs. At BrainForge, we decided to use a Strapi template that we had previously developed for My Asia’s first project, Holika. The Strapi template is a well-structured frame that had proven to be effective in the past and could be customized to align with the needs of the new project.


We believe that this approach allowed us to develop a website that was not only effective but also aligned with the client's vision for the Moee brand. The use of a proven and reliable framework allowed us to focus on the unique aspects of the project and ensured that we delivered a product that met the client's requirements while also exceeding their expectations.

The challenge dedicated to BrainForge IT

BrainForge IT team meticulously analyzed the Strapi template and identified the specific areas that needed modification to better suit the needs of the Moee website. We made the necessary changes to the template’s design and functionality, ensuring that it was a perfect match for the branding and messaging of the client’s new brand.


The website that BrainForge IT created for Moee was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the brand to potential customers. It includes a wide range of information, such as:


  • product photos,
  • animations,
  • detailed insights into the brand’s philosophy.


Our goal was to make sure that the website was engaging, informative, and visually appealing, allowing potential customers to quickly and easily learn about the brand’s offerings and values.

Results of our actions

The Moee website was launched successfully due to our hard work and dedication. The website received positive feedback from both the client and their customers, which was a testament to our team’s commitment to create a quality product.


The collaboration between BrainForge IT and My Asia A&K Beauty proved to be a mutually beneficial partnership. The client’s trust in our expertise and ability to deliver outstanding results led to the successful launch of a third project.


We're eager to continue partnering with My Asia A&K Beauty, offering innovative digital solutions to help them meet their business objectives.

Are you intrigued by the possibility of an exciting project?

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We're eager to turn your vision into a reality!

Moee showcase

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