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We are thrilled to have received an invitation from our client, My Asia A&K Beauty, for another partnership following the successful launch of our first projects, Holika, HueCalm, and Moee under their brand.


Our latest project was to develop a website for Bota Retinol, a cosmetic brand that specializes in beauty products. As a software company, we offer custom web application development services that are perfect for creating beautiful websites like Bota Retinol's.


We understand the importance of responsive design and user experience, which is why we always prioritize these aspects in our development process. Our web development team consists of experts in front-end and back-end development, and we use the latest web technologies to create scalable web architecture that is fast and secure. With our expertise in web development, we are confident that the Bota Retinol website will be a success and will help My Asia A&K Beauty reach new heights in the cosmetic industry.



Bota Retinol, a brand in the e-commerce industry, came to us with a clear vision for their website. They needed a website that would:

Provide an exceptional user experience

We started by designing a website that was both beautiful and functional. Our web design team used the latest design trends to create a modern and visually appealing website that would appeal to Bota Retinol's target audience. To ensure that the website would provide an exceptional user experience, we focused on creating an intuitive interface that would make it easy for users to find what they were looking for.

Incorporate responsive web design technology

It was a key requirement for Bota Retinol, and we knew that this was critical for optimal performance across all devices. Our web development team used the latest responsive web design techniques to ensure that the website would look and perform flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Offer seamless navigation

We also focused on ensuring seamless navigation throughout the website. Our team carefully designed the website's menu and navigation to make it easy for users to move from one page to another and find the information they need.

Have a modern and visually appealing design

Our team implemented a responsive design strategy to ensure the website looked visually appealing and performed flawlessly across multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We also incorporated engaging and dynamic design elements, including videos and animations, to create an immersive browsing experience for users. In response to the client's request for clickable images linking products to their online stores, we successfully implemented this feature, demonstrating our ability to meet client requirements.

Optimize load speed

The challenge we faced was to create a website that not only met these requirements but also had a fast loading speed. Our web development team optimized the website's code and images to ensure that it would load quickly, even on slow connections.

Allow for easy updating

We also understood that our client had limited technical knowledge and needed a CMS that would be easy to manage without requiring a lot of technical expertise. We chose a CMS that was user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing the client to update the website with new content and products quickly.

Bota Retinol showcase

Tech stack

After conducting a thorough evaluation of the client's specific requirements and needs, our team of experts carefully selected the most appropriate technology stack for the project.


  • Back-end


Strapi's user-friendly interface made it easy for our client to manage website content and the platform could be customized to meet their specific needs. To streamline the website development process, we decided to implement a Strapi template that we had previously developed for a different project for My Asia A&K Beauty. The template was visually appealing and had all the necessary functionality that our client required. Additionally, it was easy to install and could be customized to match our client's branding seamlessly.


  • Front-end


To facilitate the frontend, we chose Gatsby, a popular framework for creating lightning-fast websites. Gatsby's unique approach to static site generation allowed us to deliver a website that loads quickly, with minimal overhead and maximum performance. Gatsby also comes with a wide range of plugins and tools, which allows us to add various functionalities and integrations to the website effortlessly.

Results of cooperation with BrainForge IT

Thanks to Strapi's flexibility and our pre-designed template, we were able to create a website that was not only beautiful and easy to navigate but also extremely functional, incorporating responsive web design technology for optimal performance on all devices.


Our client was able to effortlessly manage website functionality by adding new products and updating existing content, thanks to the intuitive software and technology implemented. In addition, we provided IT consulting services to our client to ensure that they fully understood the platform and how to make the most of its capabilities. Our team of IT experts worked closely with the client to ensure that they had the technical knowledge needed to manage the website effectively, providing ongoing support as required.


The collaboration between BrainForge IT and My Asia A&K Beauty was a mutually beneficial partnership, as the client trusted our expertise and ability to deliver exceptional results, which led to the successful launch of a fourth project.

Do you find the idea of an exciting project appealing?

If you are looking for IT consulting services or want to start your own website, BrainForge invites you to contact us to explore the options or schedule a consultation with our skilled team of IT experts. We are enthusiastic about bringing your ideas to life using the latest software and technology.

Bota Retinol showcase

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