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As we move further into the digital age, it has become increasingly essential for businesses to attract potential clients online. In light of this trend, a website that is intuitive and informative can play a crucial role in expanding a company’s reach and promoting growth.


Sky Dental Clinic is a full-service dental practice that offers a wide range of dental services, complemented by a selection of premium beauty treatments to its patients. They approached our team with the goal of creating a website that is both modern and user-friendly.


Step 1. Identifying the needs of the Sky Dental Clinic

The first step in creating a new website for Sky Dental was to understand their needs. BrainForge team discussed with the owner of the clinic to gather relevant information on what they hoped to achieve through the creation of the new website.


The main goals were to:


  • increase the clinic’s visibility online,
  • showcase their services,
  • provide patients with an easy way to contact the clinic.


The client places great importance on showcasing patient transformation on their website. They wanted potential patients to be able to see the before-and-after photos of previous patients to have a better understanding of the clinic’s capabilities and the quality of the services provided.

With the planning and research complete, our team began the design and development phase.We took into account the client’s vision and expertly implemented it into the design of the website.A user-friendly interface was created with a simple and modern design. BrainForge team developed a website in accordance with the structure, content and layout that was approved by our client.


The website was constructed using Directus, our trusted content management system (CMS), which provides easy updating and maintenance capabilities. Directus offered the client an intuitive interface that enabled them to make quick and simple updates to their website content, without needing to possess advanced technical skills or knowledge.


We also employed Next.js to develop our website. Next.js is a framework for building server-side rendered React applications. It provides many useful features, such as automatic code splitting, optimized performance, and server-side rendering, which can improve the user experience and SEO. By utilizing Next.js, we were able to create a fast and responsive website with dynamic content that could be easily maintained and updated.

Step 3. Testing and launch

Before launching the website, it underwent rigorous testing to ensure it was fully functional and user-friendly. The team tested the website’s responsiveness, load speed and overall performance. Once the tests were completed, the website was launched.

Sky Dental showcase


With our new website, Sky Dental increased its online visibility and attracted new patients, which resulted in an increase in revenue. The clinic’s staff was also able to spend less time fielding calls and answering questions because patients were able to find the information they needed on the website. Sky Dental is now positioned as an expert in their field, offering quality services that meet the needs of their through a website that is both modern and user-friendly.

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Sky Dental showcase

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