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Who was our client?

OdszkodowaniaLeszno.pl is a local, neighborhood", company specializing in claiming compensations. The company focuses on assisting clients in obtaining fair compensation for various types of damages where the client has suffered losses or injuries.


OdszkodowaniaLeszno.pl has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of compensation law, which enables them to effectively represent the interests of their clients and help them obtain the compensation they deserve.


OdszkodowaniaLeszno.pl emphasizes an individual approach to each client, taking care of their needs and providing professional service at every stage of the compensation process.

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What did our client need?

Odszkodowania Leszno needed an interactive website and innovative solution for their business, which would contain all their services like:


  • Traffic damage
  • Personal injury, medical mistakes, etc.
  • Family member/Friend had an accident
  • Accidents at work
  • Property damage
  • Any form of damage/destruction to your property.
  • Other damage

How did we solve it?

Estimated damage calculator  

Using our calculator, users can initially estimate the value of compensation for car damage. They can fill in the basic details and see how much they owed - and then compare it with the insurance company's valuation.


  • Complete the vehicle details
  • Mark damaged items
  • Contact
  • Interactive, classic and smart website

What did we use?

  1. Nuxt.JS - an open-source JavaScript library based on Vue.js, Node.js, Webpack, and Babel.js, which enables the creation of advanced web applications.


  1. Express.JS - a back-end web application framework based on Node.js, allowing the development of RESTful API interfaces. With Express.JS, it is easy to build robust and scalable web services.


  1. MongoDB - a non-relational database management system that offers flexible data storage and querying. MongoDB is an ideal solution for applications that require easy scalability and handling of large amounts of data.


The OdszkodowaniaLeszno.pl website provides information about the wide range of services offered by our client. Users can fill out a calculation form that allows them to estimate the compensation value for car damage. They can then submit this form directly to the company, along with a request for contact. This enables our team to have all the necessary data regarding the client's car to quickly and effectively respond to their request.


The website has been designed in an interactive and intelligent manner to provide users with a comfortable and intuitive experience while using it.

Odszkodowanie Leszno showcase

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