The idea of sharing and renting everyday items has gained popularity in recent years, as people look for more cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways of acquiring the things they need. To tap into this growing market, Sparee has decided to create a rental service app for equipment. The app would allow users to rent items from each other, reducing waste and providing an alternative to buying new items.

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Sparee’s goal was to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) application that would enable individuals to create listings of their belongings, search for items, and rent them from other users. The web app should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and secure. The company also wanted to implement a secure payment system that would allow users to pay for their rentals directly through the app. To ensure the security of these transactions, it was necessary to integrate the payment system with a trusted third-party payment processor.


What have we done at BrainForge IT to help Sparee?


User-friendly search and navigation: The app was designed to make it easy for users to find the items they need. Users can search for items by category, location, or keywords. The results are displayed in a clear and organized manner.


Secure payment system: The payment system was designed to be secure and easy to use. Users are allowed to pay for their rentals directly through the app


Item listings: The app allows users to list their items for rent, and to specify the rental terms, such as the rental period, the price, and the location.


Backend service system: The backend system is responsible for handling the data related to the app’s functionalities. This system effectively manages product inventory by storing critical information including product names, descriptions, images, and prices. It also keeps track of customer information such as names, addresses and order history. In addition, the backend is responsible for order management and payment processing.


The application was developed using the latest technologies to create a progressive web app. As a PWA, it is accessible through a web browser and does not require installation from an app store. However, users can also choose to download and install the app on their mobile devices.

What did we use?

These are the technologies we trust the most. We have tried out numerous techniques, systems, programs, and technologies based on our experiences of other projects, and our selection is based on evaluation.


Frontend: Next.js - a popular tool for building high-performance web applications. Additionally, Next.js is known for its strong SEO capabilities, making it an ideal choice for websites that prioritize visibility in search engines.


Backend: Vendure - an open-source ecommerce platform that offers a flexible and scalable solution for building online stores. It provides a range of features such as product management, payment integration and order processing. Nest.js - it uses modern programming paradigms and provides a range of features such as dependency injection, middleware, and robust error handling to make development faster and easier.


Sparee aimed to create an MVP app, a simplified version with the minimum set of necessary features needed to satisfy early customers and collect feedback. This approach allowed them to test the market with lower investment and risk and validate their product idea. Our application has a huge potential and can quickly gain popularity. The development of an MVP allowed us to promptly introduce and test the product in real-world scenarios, with room for further advancement.


Sparee enables its members to save money by renting equipment instead of purchasing it, as well as assisting them in monetizing their underutilized equipment. Furthermore, the app offers integrated delivery, ensuring speedy door-to-door delivery of items. With a rating system in place, the app also facilitates trust-building among members, resulting in a smooth and secure rental process.


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Sparee showcase

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